Notion 101: Pages & Blocks

Part 02

Notion revolves around pages and blocks — similar to building blocks of any material.


The first thing you see on Notion is a page on its own; and within each page, you get blocks. Blocks that can turn into absolutely anything.

This is what an empty page will look like on Notion

An empty page on Notion — just as you begin working on it
A completely empty page, when you don’t want to use any pre-made template nor database

And this is what an empty page will look like if you’d like to start afresh and from scratch, to get your creative juices flowing.

Pages can be customized into absolutely anything, and can also be used for absolutely anything. You can also turn pages into templates to make your workflow easier so you don’t have to create the same page from scratch for any other similar occasion.

Pre-made templates found on Notion

These are the types of templates that are pre-made by Notion and can be easily used by you. The best part about this is, you can make your OWN template, or you can simply use these and customize it to your own needs and wants.


Blocks — aka the building unit of Notion

This is a block. Anything with the 6 dots in a rectangle next to it is a block. As mentioned before, pages can have MILLIONS of blocks within them. Every sentence, every picture, every quote, they’re all blocks!

When you type ‘/’, you get many options to choose from. Those turn your basic text block into ANYTHING you want.

This video shows you all the options available on the /command. It’ll help you understand it better :)

Till next time, you should try playing around with these blocks.

Our next post will be about the different types of databases (i.e. tables, lists, calendar, timelines). So follow us and subscribe to our blog to stay tuned to learn more tips and tricks about Notion and get it delivered straight to your inbox!

A few examples of the types of databases on Notion.

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| Sri Lankan | Loves documenting all things in life | Story-teller | Photographer | Notion-addict |

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| Sri Lankan | Loves documenting all things in life | Story-teller | Photographer | Notion-addict |

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